Built on proprietary Wellbore Shielding® chemistry proven in thousands of wells worldwide, the SHIELD BOND® loss-prevention cement spacer system goes beyond the traditional spacer functions of separation and mud displacement. SHIELD BOND is specially formulated to allow cement circulation to the programmed top of cement (TOC) where the equivalent circulating density (ECD) window is tight, or in fragile and fractured formations. The SHIELD BOND cement spacer system forms a temporary, impermeable shield over the formation, mitigating lost circulation issues during cementing and formation damage. Typical cement spacer systems are not designed to address pre-existing losses or induced losses.

At the heart of this cement spacer system is a uniquely engineered ultra-low invasion additive that essentially deposits a thin but impermeable “shield” across a wide range of matrix pores and microfractures. The non-damaging Wellbore Shielding chemistry creates an extremely low-permeability barrier, minimizing fluid and pressure invasion to prevent losses and enable wellbore stability and shielding.

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