Solving Complex Drilling and Cementing Challenges


Wellbore Shielding® & Stability

Protecting the Formation for Problem-Free Drilling

Impact’s exclusive Wellbore Shielding additives eliminate and reduce fluid and pressure invasion, preserving wellbore stability throughout the drilling process. STAR SHIELD® products are specifically formulated for unconventional shale plays.

Lost Circulation Solutions

Mitigating Partial to Severe Fluid Losses

Impact’s proven lost circulation additives remediate costly and dangerous events from seepage to total losses, in both natural and drilling-induced fractures.

Shale Inhibitors

Superior Performance with Environmental Protection

These eco-friendly additives for water-based fluids are designed for drilling in environmentally sensitive and densely populated areas.


Spacer Systems

Achieve Maximum Mud Removal

SHIELD BOND® is the leading loss-prevention spacer system, engineered with exclusive Wellbore Shielding® chemistry. The system includes the SHIELD BOND LC1k and LC3k additives, which enhance the spacer’s effectiveness when losses are problematic.


Improve Bonding and Water-Wetting Characteristics

Designed to enhance the performance of our SHIELD BOND® and POWERCLEAN® systems, Impact’s surfactants work equally well with all types of cement spacers.


Consistent Performance at Elevated Temperatures

Our low-, mid- and high-temperature retarders are environmentally friendly yet powerful, ensuring a quick cement set at elevated temperatures.


Stimulation Chemicals

Fracturing Fluid Diverter

Impact’s MAXVERT® fluid diverter is a temporary diverting material used in fracturing, refracturing and sub-hydrostatic workovers.