Wellbore Cleanout Solutions

Impact’s mud removal and wellbore cleanout solutions remove drilling fluid residue from the wellbore to improve cement bonding. Cleaning the drilling fluid and residue from the wellbore ensures the surface is better prepared for cementing applications.

Mud Removal Spacer

Remove Solids to Ensure Proper Cementing

Impact’s mud removal spacers are engineered for use in wells where the cement bond is a concern. They can be used in all primary and remedial cementing jobs, removing a variety of oil-based mud formulations from surfaces to enhance cement bonding.


This one-sack wellbore cleaning spacer offers improved cleaning of oil-based muds compared to conventional spacers, ensuring better zonal isolation.

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Scouring Additive

Maximize Cleaning Efficiency

Impact’s scouring additives feature advanced engineered fiber technology that assists in removing drilling fluids and completion fluids to prepare surfaces for subsequent procedures like fluid displacement and cementing.


This novel product ensures removal of fluid residues from both the pipe and formation surface, and is compatible with various drilling fluids, completion fluids, spacers, and cements.

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