Impact’s STAR HIB® products provide excellent shale inhibition in formations that contain problematic swelling and reactive clays such as smectite and mixed layer illite/smectite. Unlike traditional glycols and amines, these drilling additives combine outstanding performance with enhanced toxicity and biodegradation profiles. Our shale inhibitors and stabilizers are Gold-rated under CHARM, and pass both the LC50 and the North America Mysid Shrimp Test.

Designed to work in brine or freshwater drilling fluid systems, our shale inhibitors and stabilizers reduce many of the problems caused by gumbo-like clay and promote improved cuttings integrity. The result is lower dispersion and hydration of reactive clay and shale, reducing the potential for gumbo attacks, bit balling, hole instability and similar issues.

Impact’s eco-friendly shale inhibitors include STAR HIB® E, STAR HIB® Plus and STAR HIB® HT, our high-performance salt-free inhibitor for high-temperature applications and areas requiring low salinity.


  • Effective in a range of WBM
  • Compatible with all common WBM additives
  • Thermally stable and resistant to common contaminants
  • Can be mixed directly into the fluid system through the mud hopper, straight into the pit or gravity feed dispenser