Case History

SHIELD BOND® Spacer System Enables Top of Cement Goal

Middle East

When cementing the 7-in. liner, there is a job requirement set by the operator for the cement to be circulated on top of all liners (TOL). If the cement is visually confirmed as to have been circulated above the TOL during the reversing-out process, running a cement bond log (CBL) will not be required. However, without visual confirmation, a CBL run will be required. In this particular area, if the cement is not fully circulated, and the CBL shows no cement, the service company must defend the job design to the operator. 

Prior to running the liner, static losses were present, and the service company needed a solution to achieve cement on top of the liner. 


In order to achieve the top-of-cement (TOC) goal, as proven by cement returns while reversing out, SHIELD BOND loss-prevention spacer system and SHIELD BOND LC1k loss-prevention additive were selected as the solution to seal fractures and solve the static losses. 


The operator was able to achieve full returns while cementing the liner. Cement was observed while reversing-out from on top of the liner. Hard cement was found when the shoe was drilled-out. The SHIELD BOND loss-prevention spacer system is now being used regularly in this region and in other areas where circulating cement poses design challenges.