Impact develops scientifically advanced cementing and completion solutions purpose-built to solve complex wellbore challenges—and proven in diverse basins worldwide.

Cement Spacer Systems

Achieve Maximum Mud Removal

Impact’s proprietary temperature-stabilized cement spacer systems are engineered for optimized displacement efficiency.


Our leading loss-prevention cement spacer, built on Wellbore Shielding® chemistry, has delivered successful primary cementing operations in thousands of wells in troublesome formations worldwide.

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This next-generation cement spacer fluid system builds on the success of POWERCLEAN®, enabling operators to maximize hole cleaning with a lower dosage requirement, reducing overall well costs.

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Cement Spacer Surfactants

Improve Bonding and Water-Wetting Characteristics

Surfactants are used in water-based cement spacer systems to displace non-aqueous drilling fluid, with the ultimate goal of zonal isolation. Impact’s surfactants are designed to enhance the performance of all types of spacer systems, including our POWERCLEAN® and SHIELD BOND® systems.


This surfactant is designed for use in our cement spacer systems to aid cement bonding and zonal isolation, improving the integrity of the cement job.

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Cement Retarders

Consistent Performance at Elevated Temperatures

Impact offers mid- and high-temperature cement retarders that provide more linear and repeatable thickening time control. Powerful and environmentally friendly, these cement additives demonstrate right-angle set properties to ensure a quick cement set—even at elevated temperatures.


Impact’s LTR®, XTR® and HTR® retarders have been engineered to minimize or even eliminate a range of operational challenges associated with generic cement retarders.

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Stimulation Chemicals

Effective Temporary Diversion Materials

Impact’s fluid diverters are engineered for use in fracturing, refracturing, acidizing and sub-hydrostatic workovers.


With a unique and customizable particle size distribution, MAXVERT® diverter bridges perforation tunnels and fractures near the wellbore.

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