LCP 2000® is a proven lost circulation solution that can be used as an additive to drilling, workover and completion fluids. This advanced LCM (lost circulation material) is designed to cure partial to total losses. LCP 2000 has been utilized successfully in hundreds of challenging wells around the world to cure severe losses. It is non-damaging in reservoirs and works in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) wells. LCP 2000 is operationally friendly; one sack can be added as an LCM pill at 25-50 lb/bbl in WBM and up to 100 lb/bbl in OBM. LCP 2000’s particle size eliminates the risk of plugging mud motors, MWD/LWD tools and bit nozzles.

LCP 2000 is a selected blend of organic flakes, fibers and inorganic granules. Its primary use is as a lost circulation pill for severe to total losses for induced and natural fractures, faults and small vugs. It can be used as an LCM pill with any fluid system. LCP 2000 can be used to treat seepage as well as partial, severe and total losses.