The CEMSHIELD™ spacer system incorporates advanced technology that protects wellbore integrity and prevents cement loss to enable safe, efficient primary cementing operations. Engineered for performance in complex wellbore conditions and challenging formations, CEMSHIELD is tailored to the requirements of North American shale and onshore basins.

CEMSHIELD is built on Impact’s proprietary Wellbore Shielding® chemistry, proven in thousands of wells worldwide. Shielding particles form an impermeable barrier across a broad range of matrix pores and microfractures, minimizing fluid and pressure invasion during cementing. In high-risk wells where the equivalent circulating density (ECD) window is tight, this shield protects against premature loss as fluid density approaches the maximum fracture gradient.

CEMSHIELD Advantages:

  • Prevents fluid and pressure invasion
  • Preserves wellbore stability
  • Improves wellbore cleaning
  • Enhances cementing performance
  • Protects the environment