Case History

Successful SHIELD BOND® Spacer System Application for Two Wells in the Golfo San Jorge Basin


The onshore Golfo San Jorge Basin in Southern Patagonia and particularly La Piedra Field-Comodoro Rivadabia is an area known for total losses while drilling and cementing wells. Lost circulation management is a priority for both drilling and cementing for operators. Achieving a fully cemented annulus typically is a challenge in this area. Reaching Top of Cement (TOC) with full returns is a measure of good spacer and cement performance. 


An operator was searching for a solution to manage lost circulation while cementing, enabling delivery of good cement bond logs (CBL). Working with a local cement service company, the unique SHIELD BOND® spacer system was introduced and successfully used on two wells. 

On the first well, partial lost circulation while drilling was documented. To enable achievement of the planned TOC, a customized SHIELD BOND spacer formulation was applied. Combining field data and extensive experience, a formulation designed from the SimShield® software suite was applied to the well. 

On the second well, casing was to be set where total losses were observed while drilling. A SHIELD BOND spacer formulation was also designed, complemented with the addition of the SHIELD BOND LC3k enhancer. 


The results from the first well: CBL-VDL logs identified the correct TOC with cement bonding achieved across the entire interval.

The results from the second well: total circulation achieved while cementing, minor losses were experienced at the end of the well. CBL-VDL logs identified the correct TOC with cement bonding achieved across the entire interval. 

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