STAR SHIELD® Wellbore Shielding® solutions are specifically designed for the unconventional wells of North America, where they have a proven track record in shale plays and depleted sandstone formations. Advanced STAR SHIELD additives protect the formation and maintain wellbore stability by generating a fast, effective seal at the fluid-rock interface. This barrier against fluid and pressure invasion enables operators to successfully drill unstable, mechanically weak shales while mitigating losses. By preventing problems and preserving wellbore stability throughout the drilling process, STAR SHIELD additives reduce non-productive time and total well costs while helping to increase ultimate recoveries.

These best-in-class solutions for Wellbore Shielding and stability are ideal for depleted, poorly consolidated and interbedded formations, unstable shales, and deepwater applications.


  • Seals up to 100 – 3,000 μm microfractures at high differential pressure
  • Effective and compatible with oil-, water- and synthetic-based fluid systems
  • Works directly in the circulating fluid system
  • Allows continual use of shale shaker systems
  • Mixes directly through the hopper, or can be pre-mixed
  • Does not degrade after shearing