Proven Protection Against Fluid Loss & Formation Damage

Impact pioneered the science of Wellbore Shielding®, the proprietary chemistry at the core of our FLC® and STAR SHIELD® fluid additives and SHIELD BOND® cement spacers. Traditional approaches to wellbore instability focus on remediation after fluid loss and formation damage begin. Our preventative approach reduces non-productive time and total well costs while helping to increase ultimate recoveries.

How Wellbore Shielding Works

Shielding particles in our additives and spacers form an ultra-low permeability barrier at the fluid/rock interface. This thin, flexible “shield” minimizes fluid and pressure invasion in fragile and fractured formations, quickly sealing pore throats and microfractures to:

  • Stabilize and strengthen the wellbore
  • Prevent formation damage and fracture propagation
  • Protect against lost circulation
  • Expand the mud weight window

Protecting the Pay Zone to Maximize Production

In reservoir drilling applications, Wellbore Shielding helps to enable unobstructed production flow throughout the life of the well. The shielding barrier:

  • Prevents permanent blockages
  • Preserves matrix permeability
  • Keeps hydrocarbons at the near wellbore
  • Lifts off easily with the inflow of the well

Optimize Your Drilling & Cementing Programs

Scientifically advanced Wellbore Shielding solutions demand an equally innovative software package to deliver peak performance and efficiency. Impact’s exclusive SimShield® suite models your well program using our FLC, STAR SHIELD and SHIELD BOND products to ensure optimal application.

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