Corporate Values & ESG

Environmental, Social & Governance Statement

Impact Fluid Solutions was built on a set of core values that guide our business. At the center of those values is the belief that our company must serve all our diverse stakeholders, and our broader community. We believe that holding true to these values has a positive impact on our company’s culture and industry reputation, and therefore on both our short-term and long-term performance.

Today, many of the policies and practices we follow are known in the market as “ESG.” But for us, they are simply part of the value system that has guided our business and driven our growth for the past 15 years.

Environmental Values

Impact Fluid Solutions is proud of the role we play in minimizing the environmental footprint of the energy industry. Limiting environmental impact is a priority in all our products, from our focus on Wellbore Shielding technology to protect formations from fluid invasion to our careful selection of the components that comprise all our products.

  • Green Products: Our portfolio of products delivers low levels of toxicity and high levels of biodegradability, surpassing environmental requirements in all regions in which we operate.
  • Raw Materials: Many of our raw materials consist of waste materials from other industries. By making it a priority to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we minimize waste streams and overall environmental impact.
  • New Product Innovation: Our annual development projects prioritize environmental compliance as a key objective for all new products.
  • Office Initiatives: Our offices continuously implement new initiatives—many driven by our employees—to reduce our environmental footprint by recycling office materials such as paper, plastic, metals and batteries.
Social Values

We understand that our mission as a company extends far beyond our owners, employers and customers. When we founded the company in 2005, our goal was to build a business that supports and gives back the communities in which we live and work. We’re proud to say that philanthropy remains a core part of our corporate culture.

  • Annual Charitable Giving: Over the past decade, Impact Fluid Solutions has donated more than $1 million to nonprofit organizations. All donations are driven by our employees. An employee committee nominates the charities considered for that year’s awards.
  • Workplace Giving and Matching Gift Program: Impact Fluid Solutions assists employees’ personal charitable giving by matching qualified charitable gifts dollar for dollar up to $5,000 per employee per calendar year.
  • Employee Volunteering Support Program Giving back to the community involves both money and time. Under the Volunteering Support Program, employees are encouraged to volunteer with organizations that contribute to the social fabric of the communities in which we operate. Each employee will be given the right to volunteer on a paid basis up to 60 hours annually.
Governance Values

Our unique structure reflects our commitment to progressive governance and employee rights. Our Board of Directors is made up of our majority owner and three Employee Stakeholders. The combination of the Employee Stakeholder Board and broad equity ownership give employees a powerful voice unusual in a Private Limited Partnership. This structure ensures that Impact Fluid Solutions remains a leader in diversity, transparency and employee rights.

  • Equitable Pay and Benefits: We are committed to providing every employee with equitable compensation, a standardized bonus structure and equal benefits, irrespective of gender or ethnicity. The company provides free healthcare coverage for all employees, who contribute only when additional family members are covered under the health plan.
  • Diversity: Our organization of fewer than 50 individuals includes representatives from 16 nationalities. More than a quarter of this ethnically diverse workforce is female—well above the industry average. In our U.S. organization, nearly half of our team is comprised of minorities and 13% of our employees are retired from a prior career.
  • Transparency: Our Quarterly Meetings include Employee Stakeholders and are recorded and documented. External auditors ensure engagement and verification, similar to larger public companies. All Company Partners receive a written update on company performance each quarter to maintain transparency.
  • Active Ownership: More than a third of the people in our organization have an ownership stake. This broad ownership ensures active engagement with managers and the board of directors on business strategy and execution, with annual reviews to set new yearly initiatives and objectives.