Leading-Edge Solutions.
Expert Support.

Impact’s core mission is to help operators overcome complex wellbore challenges. We accomplish this in two primary ways: pioneering next-generation fluid solutions, and backing them with expert support.

Impact provides comprehensive technical services before, during and after your project, as our scientists work closely with our sales team and field technicians to deliver:

Analysis & Diagnosis

Impact uses API standard protocols and our own in-house testing methods to simulate your downhole conditions and identify the optimal solution from our product portfolio.

Technical Services

With API standard equipment and technologies not found in conventional oilfield labs, our scientists can mix and test any drilling fluid, cement slurry, spacer or surfactant to demonstrate how we will solve your specific wellbore challenge.

Field Support

At the wellsite, highly trained field technicians align lab diagnostics with real-world conditions to ensure peak product performance.

Multi-Disciplinary Team. World-Class Lab Facilities.

Impact’s hub for research and customer support is our Global Technology Center in Cornwall, U.K. Highlights of this ISO-accredited facility include:

  • Scientists representing diverse disciplines including chemical and petroleum engineering as well as geology
  • Training for our sales and field engineering teams to ensure expert customer support at every interaction
  • Highly controlled R&D process culminating with extensive field trials to prove our solutions perform as designed

Impact also maintains a Quality Assurance Support Lab in Houston, focused on ensuring product integrity and providing technical services to our customers in North and South America. Every batch of product we deliver is backed up by the Impact Certificate of Analysis. 

Test/EquipmentDescriptionGlobal Technology CenterQuality Assurance Support Lab
DRILLING FLUID TESTINGTesting all water- and oil-based drilling fluids to API specifications
Viscometry MeasurementBroad and in-depth fluid viscosity measurement using Fann, OFITE, Anton Paar and Brookfield viscometers
Corrosion Coupon TestingMultiple corrosion coupon testing capabilities to API standards
Lubricity Testing – LubrisometerLubricity testing of drilling fluids at 1 – 2,000rpm with various loads for coefficient of friction measurements; steel on steel or steel on rock lubricity
Slickometer Testing (Filter Cake)Measuring filter cake stickance on filter paper or aloxite disc
Impact Fluid Solutions Slot Tester (1'' & 6'')Designed to mimic downhole fractures from 100µm – 5mm at 100 – 4,000psi
Particle Plugging Apparatus (5,000psi)Designed to provide accurate simulation and measurement of downhole static filtration; all equipment is rated to 5,000psig and 500° F
SHALE TESTINGShale inhibition testing protocol includes recovery, hardness and cage erosion recovery testing, with ability to measure moisture, cationic exchange, capillary suction and linear swell
SPACER FLUID TESTINGFull capability to mix and test to API standards
SPACER SURFACTANT TESTINGCapability to fully test and develop spacer surfactants, with techniques including bottle and rotor wettability
Fann Wettability Test ApparatusDesigned to evaluate the apparent wettability of spacer fluids, preflush fluids and spacer and surfactant fluid combinations when we are developing new technologies
CEMENT TESTINGCement slurry preparation and testing to API and ISO standards
Atmospheric ConsistometerConditions cement slurries to measure free fluid content, rheological properties, fluid loss and other properties
HPHT ConsistometerModel 290 High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) Consistometer measures cement slurry viscosity or consistency under elevated pressure and temperature conditions; primary function is to determine maximum available pumping time for a cement slurry before it reaches an un-pumpable consistency before setting
Chandler Stirred Fluid Loss CellFluid loss from cement slurries can significantly impact their performance and damage the formation; slurry is conditioned by stirring at 150rpm, similar to a consistometer, and cell is then inverted to begin the dynamic fluid loss test
SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENTLeading-edge equipment used to develop a comprehensive understanding of particle size, shape and distribution, critical to Wellbore Shielding® science
High-Definition Digital MicroscopeKeyence VHX-2000 Digital Microscope is a super high-resolution digital microscope exceeding the resolution capabilities of an optical microscope
Grace HPHT Viscometer (Drilling Fluids, Cement & Dynamic Sag)Grace Instrument M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer is a coaxial cylinder, rotational, high-pressure and high-temperature rheometer; engineered to measure various rheological properties of fluids (including API HPHT tests) under a range of pressures and temperatures, up to 30,000psi and 600° F; optional cement module for testing rheology of cements under the above conditions plus drilling fluids for HPHT dynamic sag
Malvern Particle Size Analyzer – Water & Oil Malvern Mastersizer is a high-tech laser diffraction particle size analyzer delivering rapid, accurate particle size distributions for both aqueous and oil wet dispersions, measuring particles from 0.25µm – 2mm
Jet SieveAir Jet Sieve AS 200 jet is highly effective for measuring powdered materials which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration