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Investing in Ongoing

Nothing defines Impact Fluid Solutions more than our commitment to driving innovation in downhole fluid science to overcome complex wellbore challenges. We accomplish this mission by combining deep oilfield experience with advanced chemistry.

The centerpiece of Impact’s ongoing scientific investment is our Global Technology Center in Cornwall, U.K. This world-class facility is our hub for pioneering next-generation fluid solutions—and backing them with the highest level of customer support.

Our Quality Assurance Support Lab in Houston focuses on ensuring product integrity and providing technical services to our customers in North and South America.



Advancing Wellbore Shielding® Science

Impact’s Wellbore Shielding® science continues to set the industry standard for conquering wellbore stability challenges. To develop unique solutions that fulfill oilfield needs, our scientists:
  • Design proprietary testing techniques and tools to simulate downhole conditions as accurately as possible
  • Enhance our research using leading-edge scientific equipment not found in conventional oilfield labs
  • Augment our in-house capabilities through strong partnerships with peers in the industry and academic community

Combining Diverse Scientific Disciplines

Scientists comprise a large portion of our company, representing diverse disciplines including chemical engineering, geology and petroleum engineering. Training programs for lab personnel run throughout the year. Our sales and field engineering teams are also educated at our Global Technology Center to ensure we provide expert customer support at every interaction.

Delivering Expert Technical Support

Impact provides comprehensive technical services before, during and after your project. Throughout the process, our scientists work closely with our sales team and field technicians to ensure you receive the solutions and support you need:

Analysis & Diagnosis
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Impact uses API standard protocols and our own in-house testing methods to understand your wellbore challenges and identify the optimal solution from our product portfolio.

Technical Services
technical services

With all API standard equipment, our scientists can mix and test any drilling fluid, cement slurry, spacer or surfactant to demonstrate how our solutions will perform in your specific application.

Field Support
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At the wellsite, highly trained field technicians align lab diagnostics with real-world conditions to ensure peak product performance.

Exceeding the Highest Quality Standards

Impact not only meets API testing requirements but exceeds them with our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, encompassing all standard operating procedures at our Global Technology Center. Our R&D process is highly controlled—from feasibility through commercialization—through a stage-gate framework that includes extensive field trials to prove our solutions perform as designed.

At our Quality Assurance Support Lab, Impact ensures all products meet our stringent standards before they are deployed to the field. Each batch we deliver is backed up by our Certificate of Analysis.

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API Standard Equipment &
Specialized Capabilities
Drilling Fluid Testing
Testing all water- and oil-based drilling fluids to API specifications
Shale Testing
Shale inhibition testing protocol includes recovery, hardness and cage erosion recovery testing, with ability to measure moisture, cationic exchange, capillary suction and linear swell
Spacer Fluid Testing
Full capability to mix and test to API standards
Spacer Surfactant Testing
Capability to fully test and develop spacer surfactants, with techniques including bottle and rotor wettability
Cement Testing
Cement slurry preparation and testing to API and ISO standards
Specialized Equipment
Leading-edge equipment used to develop a comprehensive understanding of particle size, shape and distribution, critical to Wellbore Shielding® science
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