Health, Safety & Environmental Policy Statement

Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Impact Fluid Solutions is committed to conducting business in a responsible manner that maintains safe work practices, minimizes the impact on the environment, controls risks to our employees, respects the expectations of our customers and places an emphasis on community goodwill.

The commitment is facilitated through HSE policies and standards that promote:

  • Effective leadership and commitment and an expectation that every Impact employee takes personal ownership of their own safety and the safety of their co-workers;
  • Accountability to meet specified customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and industry standards;
  • Application of our technical skills and knowledge in the design and engineering of our products to reduce environmental effect;
  • Establishment of HSE performance objectives with measurable goals for continual improvement towards zero incidents;
  • Training of our employees;
  • A culture of individual obligation and company responsibility to stop work and take preventative or corrective actions to eliminate incidents and accidents;
  • Open communication for employees to address risks and reduce hazards;
  • Emergency response preparation; and
  • Audit and review of processes to strive for continuous improvement.

The Policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure ongoing suitability.

Rodney Uchytil
President and Chief Executive Officer

Safety Data Sheets for our products are available by request. You may request SDS by emailing your request to

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