SimShield® Software

Optimize Your Drilling & Cementing Programs

Scientifically advanced Wellbore Shielding® solutions demand an equally innovative software package to deliver peak performance and efficiency. Impact’s exclusive SimShield® suite models your well program using our FLC®, STAR SHIELD® and SHIELD BOND® products to ensure optimal application.

SimShield digital planning tools provide customized recommendations based on the details of your drilling or cementing program and specific wellbore challenges. Using your data, these web applications prescribe the ideal Wellbore Shielding product and concentration to maximize both effectiveness and cost-efficiency. The SimShield software suite is built on Wellbore Shielding expertise gained across more than 10,000 wells in diverse basins worldwide.

simshield monitor

Apps for Drilling Fluid Additives

Deploying one of our FLC or STAR SHIELD solutions in your drilling program? Your Impact account manager will work with you to plan product usage in each well section based on factors including:

  • Drilling fluid properties
  • Formation characteristics
  • Wellbore conditions

SimShield then delivers recommendations in the form of a well schematic.

Cement Spacer System Apps

Impact customers receive direct access to our SimShield software to create customized SHIELD BOND and SHIELD BOND NXT recipes. Ensure optimal displacement efficiency based on the parameters of your spacer system, including whether you are:

  • Using weighting agents or surfactants
  • Adding a SHIELD BOND LCM solution
  • Targeting a specific yield point

In addition to your spacer recipe, SimShield provides detailed instructions for lab testing using our Sand Bed Test Kit, as well as deployment in the field.

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