Drilling Solutions

Impact Fluid Solutions develops next-generation drilling additives that offer operators effective ways to stabilize wellbores in challenging environments. For over a decade, our specialty drilling fluid chemicals have successfully delivered consistent and measurable results in basins worldwide.

Impact provides advanced drilling fluid additives in three categories:

Wellbore Shielding® & Stabilization
Lost Circulation Solutions
Shale Inhibitors

Wellbore Shielding® & Stabilization

Minimize NPT, Reduce Costs & Optimize Production

Our industry-leading Wellbore Shielding® solutions—featuring our flagship FLC 2000® and STAR SHIELD® products—have enabled trouble-free drilling in some of the most unstable, mechanically weak shales in the world. These ultra-low invasion additives to drilling, completion and workover fluids protect the formation by quickly forming a thin, low-permeability barrier on the face of the wellbore to seal a wide range of fracture sizes. This “shield” minimizes fluid and pressure invasion into matrix pores and microfractures, or between bedding planes, to:

  • Stabilize and strengthen the wellbore
  • Prevent fractures from propagating
  • Minimize fluid loss and formation damage
  • Prevent sloughing, washouts and hole closure/collapse
  • Protect against lost circulation
  • Reduce the potential for differential sticking
  • Allow mud densities greater than fracture initiation pressure

Unlike products used to remediate losses, these preventative solutions reduce non-productive time, provide significant cost savings and preserve wellbore stability throughout the drilling and completion process—helping operators improve production as a result.

Our Wellbore Shielding solutions include a range of options to meet various well parameters. The STAR SHIELD product line is specifically formulated for the unconventional wells of North America.

Typical Loss Zones– With & Without Impact’s Wellbore Shielding Additives in the Drilling Fluid

Lost Circulation Solutions

Mitigate Costs & Risks Associated with Lost Circulation Incidents

Lost circulation is the number one cause of while-drilling non-productive time unrelated to weather in the industry. Lost circulation-induced well control issues and dropped objects while jarring stuck pipe pose severe HSE risks. Our drilling fluid additives remediate dangerous lost circulation situations, both in naturally induced fractures and drilling-induced fractures, of varying degree. These advanced drilling fluid chemicals aid in seepage to total losses, cement losses and formation damage.


Shale Inhibitors

Superior Performance with Environmental Protection

Impact’s STAR HIB® products are designed for shale drilling with water-based fluids in environmentally sensitive and densely populated areas. Our next-generation chemistry combines excellent shale inhibition characteristics with enhanced environmental profiles compared with conventional inhibitors. These drilling additives inhibit swelling and dispersive shales while enabling compliance in areas that prohibit or restrict the use of chlorides.