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Impact Expands Line of Industry-Leading Wellbore Shielding® & Stabilization Solutions

Impact Expands Line of Industry-Leading Wellbore Shielding® & Stabilization Solutions

New Additives for Drilling Fluids Build on Proven Track Record of FLC 2000®

HOUSTON, TX – September 25, 2016 – Impact Fluid Solutions, a premier provider of specialty additives for oil and gas drilling, cementing and completions, today announced the expansion of its FLC™ line of Wellbore Shielding® and stabilization solutions. A series of new FLC products will build on the success of Impact’s industry-leading FLC 2000® additive for drilling fluids, while offering broader capabilities to meet specific well parameters and requirements.

Designed for depleted and mechanically weak formations, FLC additives act as shielding agents, forming a tough, impermeable barrier at the fluid-rock interface. This “shield” minimizes fluid and pressure invasion, stabilizing and strengthening the wellbore.

For over a decade, leading operators, oilfield service providers and fluid companies have trusted Impact’s FLC 2000 to reduce non-productive time, preserve wellbore integrity and improve ultimate recoveries in basins worldwide. Compatible with water-, oil- and synthetic-based fluid systems, FLC 2000 seals fractures up to 250 μm.

The newest FLC additives are specifically designed for today’s oil and gas environment, as operators are challenged to reduce well costs and improve production. The expanded FLC product line will help operators succeed in a wide variety of difficult drilling conditions by offering increased capabilities to provide fit-for-purpose solutions.

“FLC 2000 has enabled our customers to prevent fluid loss, formation damage and lost circulation incidents in over 3,000 wells around the world,” said Rod Uchytil, President and CEO of Impact. “However, every drilling program is different. This exciting expansion of our FLC product line will enable our customers to solve a broader range of wellbore stability challenges while optimizing mud weight and solids in the fluid system.”

In addition to FLC 2000, the expanded FLC product line includes:

FLC™ Fine – Seals fractures up to 150 μm while the smaller particle size improves solids control management, reducing maintenance costs without compromising performance.

FLC™ Supreme – Seals 500 μm fractures with a broad sealing range that does not require bypassing the shale shaker systems.

FLC™ Extreme – Seals 500-3,000 μm fractures at high differential pressures, offering a comprehensive range of sealing capabilities while still allowing the continuous use of shale shaker systems.

FLC™ Max – Seals 250 μm fractures; engineered specifically for oil- and synthetic-based fluid systems, with enhanced lipophilic properties to accelerate sealing, reduce HPHT fluid loss and spurt loss, improve oil phase dispersibility and reduce maintenance costs.

Impact will formally launch the expanded FLC line at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, taking place September 26-28 in Dubai, UAE. Attendees can visit Impact at Stand No. 6156 to view FLC presentations and product demonstrations. 

About Impact Fluid Solutions

Impact ( is a premier fluid solutions provider to oil and gas operators, service companies and fluid companies worldwide. The Impact team combines advanced chemistry with extensive oilfield expertise to deliver products purpose-built to solve real and complex wellbore challenges. The company provides best-in-class additives for drilling, cementing and completions, including Impact’s flagship FLC 2000® for Wellbore Shielding® and stabilization. Proven in basins worldwide, Impact is trusted by industry leaders and smaller independents alike to improve performance, predictability and—ultimately—production.