Case History

STAR SHIELD® Allows Operator to Eliminate Intermediate Casing in the Delaware Basin in Texas


Operators drilling in the Delaware Basin have a high potential of encountering gas and water influx while drilling through the Bone Springs formation. Mud weights are typically increased to control the risk of influx. However, higher mud weights may exceed the fracture gradient of the fragile Cherry/Brushy Canyon formations, resulting in costly whole mud losses.


One operator utilized STAR SHIELD through the active mud system with concentrations ranging from 8-10 lb/bbl. STAR SHIELD creates a fast, effective barrier or shield across permeable formations. The operator drilled through the formation without an influx of gas and water, while also eliminating the intermediate casing string.


The operator drilled to total depth (TD) with extended mud weights. Maintaining the concentration of STAR SHIELD throughout the circulating system. The operator safely eliminated the intermediate casing string and drilled to TD with full returns.