Case History

Repeated Success of FLC 2000® in North Sea Balder Formation

North Sea

An operator was drilling in the Balder Formation in the North Sea (Norway) with high-angle builds from 75-90 degrees. The 12 ¼-in. section was particularly problematic while drilling through interbedded sands and shales. The permeability of the sand ranged from 0.5–20. Typical wellbore stability problems experienced included induced mud losses.


Impact recommended the use of FLC 2000 for the 12 ¼-in. section and LCP 2000®, lost circulation material (LCM), to extend the envelope where seepage losses may persist. Both products conform to stringent Norwegian Environmental regulations and are approved for use in the reservoir section by the operator.


The operator drilled to total depth with no losses – the first time in this field. Nine subsequent wells drilled, as well as three geological sidetracks, all using FLC 2000 – and all reached design TD. FLC 2000 is now approved for use and used in the 8 ½-in. reservoir sections on select wells – 5 sections drilled.