Case History

FLC 2000® Limits Fluid Invasion in the Campos Basin in Brazil

Offshore Brazil

An offshore operator planned to drill four wells in the Campos Basin, in an area known for induced losses and differential sticking. Wellbore instability issues in offset wells also included highly-depleted sands exposed to 3,000 psi overbalance. Deep fluid invasion caused poor quality reservoir fluid samples in these offset wells.


Impact Fluid Solutions recommended FLC 2000 wellbore stabilizer to be used in a 10.5 lb/gal synthetic-based mud (SBM) system in the 8 ½-in. reservoir section 4,700-5224 m (15,420-17,139-ft.).


The operator did not experience any differential sticking and the downhole losses were greatly reduced. The hole diameter measured 8.2-8.4” and 28 reservoir fluid samples were achieved.