SPE Paper: Ultra-Low Invasion Fluids a Viable Technical Solution


Ultra-Low Invasion Fluids a Viable Technical Solution to Drill in Eastern Venezuela


One of key tasks of he drilling fluids industry for many years has been to develop a fluid with as low invasion characteristics as possible. These are often referred to as low invasion or ultra-low invasion fluids. If we could stop invasion by the drilling fluid completely, it would be possible to eliminate several forms of wellbore instability, lost circulation and differential pressure sticking. In addition, well productivity improvements will be expected as there will be little or no formation damage from the drilling fluid. This scenario of zero invasion is not achievable with a fluid used in an overbalanced condition, at least not in the near future. However, the industry is working to understand the benefits of he next best thing: Ultra-Low Invasion Fluids (ULIF).

This paper presents the application of this technology to drill a development well in the San Joaquín field of Eastern Venezuela.

SPE Paper Number: 123091