Impact’s MAXVERT® fluid diverter is a temporary diverting material used in fracturing, refracturing and sub-hydrostatic workovers. With a unique and customizable particle size distribution, MAXVERT is an effective diversion material, particularly when mixed in a polymer containing fluid. MAXVERT diverter bridges perforation tunnels and fractures near the wellbore. With time and temperature, and in the presence of a small amount of water, the diverter completely dissolves to a clear liquid.

MAXVERT economically enables the refrac of wells by diverting the frac fluids from the lowest stress zone, stage by stage, to the highest stress zone. MAXVERT can reduce the cost of new completions by replacing one-half to two-thirds of the bridge plugs and wireline trips, along with the associated drill-out costs and time. MAXVERT improves fracture intensity in designs where more than three perforation clusters per stage are used. MAXVERT allows recovery from completion issues such as not getting casing to bottom, parted casing, partially collapsed casing or casing patches. In workover applications, MAXVERT allows operators to regain control of wellbores that are not able to support a column of fluid.