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When non-aqueous drilling fluid is used, add SFG to cement spacer fluids (before pumping). When used properly, SFG aides in bonding between the cement and the formation, as well as the cement and the pipe. SFG water-wets surfaces to enhance the cement bond and improve the integrity of the cement job.

  • Excellent cleaning efficiency at low concentrations
  • Improves spacer system effectiveness when displacing non-aqueous drilling fluid
  • Compatible with most spacer and drilling fluid systems
  • Low toxicity liquid; neutral pH
  • Can be used in both unweighted and weighted spacer systems
Environmental Advantage

Passes LC 50 @ 10% by volume

Product Data Sheet


Cement Spacer Surfactants

SFG™ is a surfactant designed for use in our cement spacer systems to water-wet the formation and pipe surfaces, removing the excess hydrocarbon film left behind from non-aqueous drilling fluids. In this way, SFG aids cement bonding and zonal isolation to improve the integrity of the cement job.

SFG can be used in both weighted and unweighted spacer systems, and provides excellent cleaning efficiency at low concentrations. When used properly, this cement spacer surfactant improves the effectiveness of the spacer system while displacing non-aqueous drilling fluid. Laboratory testing is recommended to determine optimal concentration.

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