Partnering to Overcome Challenges

Impact Gives Oilfield Service & Fluid Companies a Competitive Edge

Impact Fluid Solutions partners with oilfield service and fluid companies to achieve a shared objective: delivering superior performance to operators. We work side by side with leading integrated service providers and oilfield chemical companies worldwide, augmenting their product portfolios with our advanced fluid solutions. Our next-generation additives enhance the performance of their downhole fluids and cements to overcome complex wellbore challenges, reduce NPT—and provide a competitive advantage.

With our interests aligned, Impact delivers outstanding partner value to oilfield service and chemical companies with proven products that are:

  • Compatible with all common downhole fluids/cement slurries
  • Backed by strong technical support
  • Readily available through our global distribution network

Impact partners with top international cementing service companies to provide the industry’s leading loss-preventing spacer system.

Laboratory & On-Site Support

Partnering with Impact gives you access to our extensive scientific resources. In addition to housing our product development initiatives, Impact’s ISO-accredited Global Technology Center serves as a base for delivering comprehensive customer support. Our scientists provide a broad range of services including:

  • Up-front engineering and planning
  • Shale characterization and inhibition studies
  • Formation damage testing
  • Cement spacer and diverter design
  • Drilling fluid formulation

In the field, our technicians align lab diagnostics with real-world conditions to optimize the performance of our products in your operations.

Partner with Impact

To discuss the advantages Impact offers oilfield service and chemical companies—and their customers—contact our sales representative for your region:

North America
Jack DeGrand
Vice President of Western Hemisphere
Latin America
Reinaldo Maldonado
Regional Manager, Latin America
Middle East & North Africa
Victor Barsoum
Regional Manager, Middle East & North Africa
Europe & Sub-Sahara Africa
Scott Chesney
Regional Manager, Europe & Sub-Sahara Africa
Asia Pacific
Sasha Syrapushchynski
Regional Manager, Asia Pacific
Francisco Bermudez
Cementing and Stimulation
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