Investing in ongoing innovation

Industry-Leading Commitment to R&D

Nothing defines Impact Fluid Solutions more than our commitment to advancing downhole fluid science to solve complex challenges facing our customers. We accomplish this by combining deep oilfield experience and advanced chemistry, performed by our large team of scientists.

Our state-of-the-art Technology Center in Cornwall, U.K. brings together experts across diverse disciplines including chemical engineering, geology and petroleum engineering. At this ISO 9001:2015 accredited facility, we not only innovate new products but provide comprehensive technical support to our customers.

Technical Services & Customer Support

Impact products are backed by a level of R&D and engineering technical support that conventional fluid companies cannot provide, including:

  • Formation damage studies gaining recognition as the industry standard
  • Shale characterization and inhibition studies
  • Drilling fluid services including formulation and testing
  • Product customization to meet the requirements of uniquely challenging wells

In the field, Impact technicians align lab diagnostics with real-world conditions to ensure the optimal application of our additives.

New Product Development

Impact’s technology has been proven in more than 10,000 wells on six continents. Insights drawn from that depth and breadth of experience inform our scientists as they innovate next-generation additives. Products in development are rigorously tested in an exhaustive range of drilling environments, with results verified by third-party labs.