Impactful Employees

Justin Mclellan

Global Technical Director

How long have you worked for Impact and what do you do?

I started working at Impact in June 2005. I am currently the longest tenured employee. In my first role, I was tasked with finding a suitable facility to build a Technical Support Group and Technology Center. My role with the company has evolved over time. From leading the research and development department, to managing technical support, field engineering and interacting with customers with global visits. I also manage the manufacturing and quality assurance, quality control process globally.

What is your favorite part about working at Impact?

The simple answer is people. The people I have met, the people I have worked with and hopefully the people I am going to meet!

What are some of your proudest achievements at Impact?

Being one of the first employees, I am proud of the work we accomplished as we built the company from a small UK owned entity, to a company with over 50 global employees. It’s been quite the evolution watching our technology in a handful of countries to now being deployed regularly to over 50 countries.

What’s my favorite part about working at Impact?
The people I have met, the people I have worked with, and hopefully the people I am going to meet!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love sports, I play golf, I try to run and still try to play football! My family is also active in sports and I enjoy getting involved with that too. Besides sport - good beer, good food and good company is always a good thing!

CEO’s perspective:

Justin is a dedicated and dependable team player with a history of demonstrating sound judgement, despite still attempting to play football. Justin’s knowledge of our proprietary product lines, environmental regulations and global operations make him an essential and very impactful employee. 

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