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Impactful Employee – Cody Wellman

Impactful Employees

Cody Wellman

Technical Sales Manager – North America

How long have you worked for Impact?

I have been working at Impact Fluid Solutions for eight years and have more than seventeen years of experience in the drilling fluids business. My current position is the Technical Sales Manager for Impact Fluids – North America, where I am responsible for our wellbore stability product line across the United States and Canada.

What are some of your proudest achievements at Impact?

Since joining Impact in 2013, my biggest accomplishment has been contributing to the current growth and expansion of Impact Fluids. From our small start to the current worldwide awareness of our technology, it’s been great to see.

What would you like people to know about Impact?

Since its introduction, our unique wellbore shielding technology has been utilized on more than 15,000 wells in more than 55 countries across the globe, demonstrating its effectiveness and solidifying its position in the oil and gas industry. I’d want people to realize that we are selective about which wells we use our technology in, as we want the operator to appreciate the function and ultimate success of our technology.

What do you like to do outside of work?

You’ll find me outdoors, fishing, boating, and hunting whenever the weather permits.

What is your favorite part about working at Impact?

Definitely, the people. Everyone on the Impact Fluids team provides one another with the highest support, which adds to the company's exceptional working environment.



CEO perspective:

Cody Wellman has played a critical role in the growth of Impact in North America, including developing some strong case histories in Canada. Cody is a dedicated, dependable, knowledgeable, and all-around a good person that people like spending time with. Outside of work, Cody is known to bring luck to his teams during fishing tournaments.