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Family Shield Program Set to Help Employees’ Families Directly Impacted by the Coronavirus

Family Shield Program Set to Help Employees’ Families Directly Impacted by the Coronavirus

Impact Fluid Solutions Launches Response to COVID-19

Houston, TX – April 7, 2020 – Impact Fluid Solutions, a premier provider of specialty additives for oil and gas, is proud to announce its new initiative Family Shield—a program created in response to COVID-19, which will support Impact employees around the globe whose families have been directly affected by the coronavirus through a spouse or partner’s reduction or loss of employment.

Impact considers its employees to be part of its family—including spouses, partners and children—and it’s why Family Shield is designed to have the best interest of the whole family’s health, safety and financial security at heart. This $50,000 USD fund has been established to assist with day-to-day and emergency expenses for employees’ families such as mortgage and rent payments, utilities, groceries, medical expenses and other bills. Employees in need may request up to $2,500 per month, with a limit of $5,000 over the life of the program. Family Shield is open to all Impact employees worldwide beginning April 1, and will be assessed on May 31. 

“Throughout the years we have run our business conservatively, and have taken the necessary actions to create a rainy day fund,” shares Rodney Uchytil, President & CEO of Impact Fluid Solutions. “Right now, we are in the midst of a major storm and have chosen to direct our funds toward our employees, their families and the community.”

Outside of Family Shield, Impact and its employees are giving back to the community through their Impact Our World initiative that financially supports nonprofit organizations around the world and has distributed more than $1 million in the last decade. Although the company normally allocates funding at year-end, they have decided to help now, while people are struggling. For the months of April and May, Impact will increase its employee gift matching program to $2 for every $1 an employee gifts to a charity supporting the COVID-19 efforts. Impact’s principal owner—Freebird Partners—has also joined the cause, matching $1 for $1, so that every $1 an employee contributes now becomes a $4 gift to charity!

“As leaders in the business community, we can help during this pandemic—not necessarily manufacturing ventilators or masks—but we all play a role in making a difference,” says Rodney Uchytil. “Our employees, their families and our communities need us. I encourage other businesses to work with your leadership and create your own solution like our Family Shield and Impact Our World programs.”