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Impact Announces Launch of Next-Generation Cement Spacer System

Impact Announces Launch of Next-Generation Cement Spacer System

Achieves Superior Hole Cleaning with Lower Dosage Requirement

Impact Fluid Solutions is proud to announce the launch of POWERCLEAN® II, a next-generation cement spacer system engineered to maximize hole cleaning with a lower dosage requirement. POWERCLEAN® II builds on the success of our POWERCLEAN® spacer by offering increased potency, enabling operators to achieve required fluid properties for optimized displacement with one-third less product.

This new, more powerful spacer system enables operators to lower their well costs by reducing transportation requirements, storage space at the rig site, and labor for mixing.

“Impact is recognized for driving innovation in downhole fluid science, and the development and commercialization of POWERCLEAN® II is another step forward for us,” said CEO Rod Uchytil. During field testing, cement service companies which had previously used POWERCLEAN® expressed their appreciation for our next-generation spacer’s cost-effectiveness and logistical benefits.”

For more information on POWERCLEAN® II, visit our website.