FLC 2000® Wellbore Stabilizer Approved for Global Use in Reservoirs by Major Oil Company

After two successful campaigns in Norway to drill 12-1/4″ sections of interbedded sand and shale, and 8-1/2″ reservoir sections of fractured carbonates, a major oil company approved FLC 2000® for use in their reservoirs globally. By using FLC 2000® the operator drilled to total depth (TD) for the first time ever in these fields.

FLC 2000® is an ultra low-invasion additive for wellbore stabilization.

FLC 2000® can be utilized in drilling fluids, completion fluids and workover fluids. FLC 2000® has been used successfully in thousands of wells worldwide. It can be used in all water-, oil- and synthetic-based fluid systems. FLC 2000® candidate wells are carefully evaluated to ensure that the application is appropriate and fit-for-purpose.