Case History

Operator Reduced Non-Productive Time and Total Well Costs Using FLC 2000® in Mexico


An offshore operator drilling exploratory wells experienced high torque, lost circulation and hole collapse during drilling operations for the XUX-1 well. Cement plugs were placed across the thief zone but the operator lost circulation and ultimately increased drilling days and total well costs. The operator began drilling operations for a new well, KAA-1 and wanted to reduce costs compared to the XUX-1 well.


Working with Impact Fluid Solutions, the operator added FLC 2000 wellbore stabilizer to the drilling program for KAA-1. FLC 2000 was added to the 14 ½-in. and 17 ½-in. intervals to prevent lost circulation and reduce total well costs.


During the 26-day drilling stage on the original XUX-1 well, 12 days were used fighting lost circulation and placing cement plugs. On the KAA-1, where FLC 2000 was added, mud losses were reduced and the operator decreased NPT and total well costs by completing the section in 10 days, a reduction of over 60% compared to the first well.