Case History

Use of FLC 2000® Helps to Reduce Drilling Days in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

An operator in Saudi Arabia optimized their drilling program for two wells while using a conventional water-based mud (WBM). Offset well data revealed several potential drilling challenges, including: differential sticking, mud loss, H2S, high bottom-hole temperatures and pressures over 2,000 psi.


FLC 2000 was maintained in the KCl/polymer mud system through the troublesome formations. The intervals drilled in the 8 3/8-in. and 12-in. were over 1,600-ft. in length, with bottom-hole temperatures over 260°F. No mud losses or stuck pipe occurred, and drilling days were reduced compared to offset wells.


For these two particular wells, drilling days were reduced to six versus the targeted 10-20 days for similar wells. Optimizing drilling days by at least 40%. Impact Fluid Solutions met the projects KPI’s and the operator continues to use FLC 2000 for enhanced wellbore stability.