Case History

Use of FLC 2000® Helps to Reduce Drilling Days in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

An operator in Saudi Arabia wanted to improve its drilling program for two wells while using conventional water-based mud (WBM). Offset well data revealed potential drilling challenges, including differential sticking, mud loss, H2S, high bottom-hole temperatures, and pressures over 2,000 psi.


The intervals drilled in the 8 3/8-in. and 12-in. were over 1,600-ft. in length, with bottom-hole temperatures over 260°F. FLC 2000 was used in a KCl/polymer drilling fluid system through the troublesome formations. No mud losses or stuck pipe occurred, and drilling days were reduced compared to offset wells.


With the improved drilling fluid formula, the operator reduced drilling days to six days versus the targeted 10-20 days for similar wells (a 40% savings). Impact Fluid Solutions met the project KPI’s and the operator continues to use FLC 2000 for enhanced wellbore stability.