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Reducing Risks in Mexican Formations

Reducing Risks in Mexican Formations

Mexico Oil and Gas Review

Reinaldo Maldonado, Impact Fluid Solution’s Latin American Regional Manager was interviewed for the 2018 Mexico Oil and Gas Review. In the article, Maldonado discusses Mexico’s oil and gas industry and how Impact Fluid Solutions can help operators reduce E&P risks.

Mitigating risks became a major priority during the recent industry downturn. Now that commodity prices are starting torecover,ReinaldoMaldonado,RegionalManagerLatin America of Impact Fluid Solutions, cautions that companies must remain vigilant. As Mexico’s oil and gas industry sets its sights on new horizons, operators must continue seeking new ways to ensure their activities remain profitable by implementing solutions that minimize E&P risks, he says. “For deepwater projects, renting a rig can cost US$500,000 per day. Adding in all the satellite costs, a day of operations can reach US$1 million. Addressing risks proactively can save days of work, improving an operator’s bottom line substantially.”

Considering that most of the oil and gas exploration areas in Mexico require drilling work, Maldonado believes Impact Fluid Solutions can add a great deal of value for operators across the country that prefer to manage risks proactively. By preventing wellbore instability and preserving wellbore integrity throughout the drilling process, he says, “Impact Fluid Solutions’ advanced additives can help minimize both fluid losses and nonproductive time. This not only provides greater certainty to operators but helps them increase ultimate recoveries.”

Impact Fluid Solutions takes a preventive approach to addressing complex wellbore challenges, unlike those that wait for problems to occur and then remediate, Maldonado says. That is how the specialty oil field chemical company is able to add significant value to E&P operations. “Prevention is the core principle behind Impact Fluid Solutions’ Wellbore Shielding and stabilization solutions, such as FLC 2000. FLC 2000 is a drilling additive that forms an extremely low-permeability barrier on the face of the wellbore to prevent fluid and pressure invasion in mechanically weak and depleted formations. The product has a lengthy track record in Mexico, where it has been used by PEMEX since 2006. FLC 2000 is Impact Fluid Solutions’ flagship product in Mexico. It seals microfractures ranging from one to 250 microns, making it ideally suited to the country’s geology.” Beyond the long track record FLC 2000 already has in the country, it has also been used and its value proven around the world, he adds. “FLC 2000 has proven successful in diverse formations across the globe, delivering remarkable performance onshore and offshore, in both shallow and deepwater applications.”

“We are nimble yet highly capable, enabling us to respond to changing marketplace needs faster and more effectively than others”

According to Maldonado, Impact Fluid Solutions’ products are unique in the marketplace because they are purpose- built on proprietary chemistry to solve specific wellbore challenges identified through extensive oil field experience. Impact Fluid Solutions invests heavily in R&D to develop these innovative solutions and to ensure they are easy to use for operators, fluid companies and service providers. “Depending on the project requirements, Impact Fluid Solutions also offers expert field support to align lab diagnostics with real-world conditions to ensure optimal product performance,” Maldonado says. “While larger service companies provide one-size-fits-all products, Impact Fluid Solutions’ agility allows it to customize solutions according to specific job parameters.”

Although Impact Fluid Solutions is a relatively small company, it has global presence. “We are nimble yet highly capable, enabling us to respond to changing marketplace needs faster and more effectively than others.” He points out that the company’s products are simple to use and tested by major companies around the world, such as PETRONAS and BHP, which are now commencing operations in Mexico. “As they expand into Mexico, it is natural for these companies to seek a reliable partner that knows the country and that has worked with them already. Impact Fluid Solutions is that partner.”

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