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AADE Paper: 2020 Emerging Technology – Controlling Flow After Cementing

AADE Paper: 2020 Emerging Technology – Controlling Flow After Cementing

In our latest American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) paper, we explore gas migration and displacement efficiency of our SHIELD BOND® spacer system in the Llano Orientales Basin in Colombia. We would like to thank the team from Superior Energy Services to work together on this project.


Annular water and gas flow after cementing, along with poor mud displacement, have long been recognized as key potential failure mechanisms during primary cement operations. Many technical papers have explored solutions to these post-cementing flow problems. Some authors have suggested shortening or delaying the start of transition time. Others have discussed fluid loss control, static gel strength development, particle packing, and even mechanisms of downhole gas generation.

In this paper, we will underscore the value of those techniques, both for gas migration control and displacement efficiency, while offering an entirely new solution to be applied in combination with the operator’s preferred prevention methodology. We believe this combined approach will enhance the overall success of the well construction process and improve long-term outcomes. The subject new technology acts independently of current methodologies, so there is no potential for interference.

The paper will include a case history to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new approach through comparisons of field results with other wells in the area.