Acid Stimulator Diverter

The patent-pending DIVERT® acidizing diverter represents a novel economic approach in the acidizing industry. The DIVERT additive is an engineered solution with distinct particle size distributions that effectively bridge and seal fractures and pore throats. DIVERT’s larger and stronger particle sizes optimize diversion when compared to conventional acidizing treatments such as rock salt and viscoelastic diverters. The DIVERT technology is designed to provide maximum diversion for sandstone and carbonate acid stimulation. The DIVERT additive is 100% soluble in hydrocarbons and is gradually soluble in aqueous fluids.


DIVERT® Specifications

  • Diverting acid jobs – either organic or mineral acids
  • Diverting chemical treatments such as scale inhibitor, clay stabilization, water control and solvents
  • Can be added throughout the treatment or in separate diverter stages
  • Useful in open hole or in cased and perforated completions
  • Base fluid can be any aqueous fluid:
    – Gelled
    – Non-gelled
    – Foamed
    – Non-foamed
  • Works better than rock salt
  • More cost-effective when compared to viscoelastic diverters
  • Increased capacity to bridge fractures and wormholes
  • Readily soluble in produced hydrocarbons
  • Can be removed (if required) with a number of solvents including diesel and alcohol
  • Can be mixed with other diverting materials and fluid loss agents