Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Success

Gulf Of Mexico - Keathley Canyon

„An operator drilling through a field known for severe losses and depleted sands in the Gulf of Mexico adopted Impact's Wellbore Shielding® technology to maintain wellbore stability and sustain full fluid returns while encountering pore pressures as low as 8.0 ppg. The technology was engineered into the fluid system prior to entering the production interval without adverse effects on rheology and ECD’s.

The Wellbore Shielding® technology integration was managed to extend the frac gradient window and create a shield against the formation. The technology also extended mud weights to control formation pressures and gas influx while drilling through the reservoir.


The operator drilled through depleted sand sections from 16,278’ (MD) 15,690’ (TVD) to 17,661’ (MD) 16,939’ (TVD) with mud weight of 12.1 ppg without fluid losses to formation. The technology extended the mud weight as high as 0.5 ppg over anticipated frac gradient with zero losses. This was the operator’s first infill well drilled to total depth without utilizing a drilling liner/casing covering the base of the salt. The well was drilled to total depth, ran production casing to bottom and cemented with full returns.

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