Hart’s E&P Article – ‘Shielding’ Spacer Prevents Cement-Imperiling Losses

The protective membrane can support a high-pressure differential, allowing cementing operations at increased ECD that otherwise would exceed the formation’s fracture gradient.

Impact Fluid Solutions published an article in Hart’s E&P introducing the next generation ‘Wellbore Shielding’ Spacer (WBS) technology.

From the article: “The WBS spacer is specially formulated with the ultralow invasion WBS additive that lays down an impermeable seal across troublesome zones to restrict fluid and pressure invasion. Accordingly, the technology allows successful placement even with higher ECDs at casing setting depth, reducing restrictions on cement slurry density while also permitting full circulation to the programmed top of cement. The easily engineered WBS spacer fluid generates effective mud-to-slurry displacement and fluid separation while enhancing hole cleaning, which is particularly critical when cementing in horizontal wells where contaminated fluids tend to migrate to the low side of the hole.”

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