Case History

Wellbore Shielding® Success in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

An operator drilling through a field known for severe losses and highly depleted sands faced a number of challenges:

  • „Maintaining wellbore stability and full returns while encountering pore pressures as low as 8.0 ppg.
  • „Avoiding lost circulation below the salt, when mud weights exceeded 11.7 ppg.
  • „High fluid losses anticipated when exiting salt due to rubble zone.
  • „Multiple loss zones throughout production interval.
  • Effective concentrations of Wellbore Shielding® additive engineered into the fluid system prior to entering production interval – without adverse effects on rheology and ECDs.
  • „Managed Wellbore Shielding technology integration to extend the frac gradient window to create a shield against the formation.
  • „Extended mud weights to control formation pressures and gas influx while drilling through the reservoir.
  • Operator’s first infill well drilled to total depth without utilizing a drilling liner/casing covering the base of the salt.
  • „Drilled through depleted sand sections from 16,278’ (MD) 15,690’ (TVD) to 17,661’ (MD) 16,939’ (TVD) with mud weight of 12.1 ppg without fluid loss to the formation.
  • „Extended the mud weight as high as 0.5 ppg over anticipated frac gradient with zero losses.
  • „Drilled to total depth, ran production casing to bottom and cemented well with full returns.