Case History

Reduced Drilling Days Compared to Direct Offset Using FLC 2000® in Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

In an offset well, the HOKCHI-1, the operator drilled through an area where mechanical wellbore instability such as differential sticking, torque and drag and lost circulation were experienced during the drilling operations. Wellbore instability was not improving and the total well costs was increasing. It was decided to drill a sidetrack and place a cement plug.


On the next well, the operator added FLC 2000® to the drilling program to address wellbore instability. FLC 2000 was used to prevent costly drilling fluid related issues experienced with the previous HOKCHI-1 well, with the intent to reduce drilling days, loss of fluid and total well costs.


„During 19 drilling days of the offset well HOKCHI-1, 11 days were spent battling lost circulation and placing cement plugs. By applying FLC 2000, costs were reduced by more than USD 2,000,000, when you factor in total well costs and drilling days. Casing was run to total depth with no issues on the well with FLC 2000.