Case History

Operator Reports 20% Increased Production in Colombia with FLC 2000 in the Reservoir


An operator in Colombia was drilling a well through fractured shales and limestones, and into a particularly fragile reservoir section comprised of stacked sands and brittle caving shales. The operator was concerned about addressing fluid losses in the production zone. An offset well lost approximately 400 bbl/hr.


While drilling through the fragile 8½-in. reservoir interval, Impact recommended FLC 2000® wellbore shielding® additive for use in the active system.


With the use of FLC 2000, no losses were observed. Calliper and resistivity logs showed a near gauge hole. FLC 2000 increased return permeability from 89.29% to 98.44% and the overall production increased 20% from the offset well due to increased return permeability compared to the alternative fluid.