Case History

Mud Weight Extended with STAR SHIELD® While Eliminating Gas Influx

United States

An operator drilling in the Gulf Coast sandstone formation in Harris County, Texas experienced gas influxes and mud losses in the 8 ½-in. hole section at 12,337 feet. The operator was forced to continue circulating a 16.2 lb/gal water-based mud to keep the well under control. While continuing to circulate, the operator was losing 30 barrels each hour. The operator only had another 550 feet to drill to reach total depth (TD) in the vertical well.


The operator needed to increase the mud weight to 16.5 lb/gal to stop the gas influx and drill to TD. The drilling fluid consultant contacted Impact to use STAR SHIELD to extend the mud weight of the WBM system. Impact suggested 5 lb/bbl of STAR SHIELD wellbore stabilizer to prevent further mud losses and allow the operator to weight up and stop the gas influx.


After treating the whole system with 5 lb/bbl of STAR SHIELD the operator was able to increase the mud weight to 16.5 lb/gal which stopped the gas influx without further losses. They were able to drill to TD, run casing without issues and cement the casing without losses.