Case History

FLC 2000® Stabilizes Troublesome Mishrif Zone and Extends Mud Weight Window

Offshore Dubai

An offshore operator in Dubai selected FLC 2000® for use in the 8 ½” section of their well. As a preventative approach, FLC 2000 was chosen to help the operator drill without losses and fluid invasion in the depleted Mishrif zone, focusing on the low pore pressure of 2 ppg historically found in this region. Upon successful drilling of the Mishrif zone, the drilling fluid would then be weighted to control high pressure formations below – the Nahr Umr and Thamana.


The drilling fluid company designed a high-performance water-based fluid system and added 6 lb/bbl of FLC 2000 through the problematic section (Mishrif zone). FLC 2000 complimented the drilling fluid properties to prevent wellbore instability, losses and differential sticking.


The 8 ½ inch section was drilled successfully without significant losses or any other drilling-related issues such as hole collapse or differential sticking. The mud weight was increased above the already high FIT of 12.3ppg while using a 12.5 ppg mud weight.