Case History

FLC 2000® North Sea Balder Success

North Sea
  • Drilling to total depth in the Balder Formation with high-angle builds from 75 to ~90 degrees. 
  • 12¼” section drilled through interbedded sands and shales. 
  • „Sands are 0.5 – 20 Darcy perm. 
  • Induced losses expected, low perm strata means stress-cage/squeeze methods not suitable. 
  • Impact recommended 6-7 ppb of FLC 2000® for the 12¼” section and LCP 2000® to extend the envelope where seepage losses persist. 
  • „Products conform to stringent Norwegian environmental regulations and are approved for use in the reservoir by the client. 
  • Drilled to TD with no losses – first time in this field. 
  • Losses eliminated with the application of FLC 2000® plus LCP 2000® where required. 
  • Nine subsequent wells drilled, as well as three geological sidetracks, all using FLC 2000 – all reached design TD. 
  • „FLC 2000 approved for use and used in the 8½” reservoir sections on select wells – 5 sections drilled.