Case History

MaxVert™ Seals Three Sets of Perforations Simultaneously in West Texas

West Texas

An international Operator drilling in West Texas wanted to deepen an 18-year-old well by 300 feet. The well was initially perforated in the Upper Clearfork, Lower Clearfork and Wichita/Albany intervals. After years on production, the well could not support a full column of fluid. In order to safely drill the additional 300 feet, the Operator needed to regain circulation in the wellbore. 


Impact engineered a MaxVert™ diverter pill system to plug the existing 136 perforations in three separate intervals and regain circulation. MaxVert fluid diverter is a temporary diverting material used in fracturing, refracturing and sub-hydrostatic workovers. MaxVert can also temporarily plug existing perforations, allowing the Operator to reach a new, untapped section of their reservoir. 

To spot the diverter pill, a 2⅞” tubing with a packer was run to 5,500 feet, where the packer was set and the casing integrity was tested. An Impact Field Service Technician prepared a 150 bbl MaxVert pill which was pumped down the tubing. With the targeted pressure observed, the packer was released. After unseating the packer, the Operator tested the wellbore for circulation. The test results were positive and the tubing was pulled out. Immediately afterward, a 2⅞” L80 EUE 8-RD workstring with a 3.5” 26.39 drill collar and a PDC bit was run to bottom. The 300 feet of new hole was drilled and cemented. 


The Operator achieved the following targeted KPIs for the MaxVert diverter: 

  • Successfully plugged the existing 136 perforations and regained circulation 
  • Enabled an additional 300 feet drilled to total depth (TD) without any issues 
  • „Allowed the new pipe to be successfully cemented in place 

The Operator continues to use MaxVert diverter to revive underperforming and poor producing wells in the Permian Basin.